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 East Corinth Congregational Church

645 Village Road
East Corinth, Vermont 05040

Serving our Community since 1840
Sunday Worship & Church School ~ 10:00 am

"All are Welcome"

Rev Dr. C. Michael Caldwell, Pastor & Teacher

East Corinth Congregational Church
Home Page


As the East Corinth Congregational Church, United Church of Christ our mission is:
To worship and celebrate life in ways that glorify God, inviting others to share in our weekly worship services and special events. 

To provide an environment where people of the community feel welcome and nurtured, and where individual talents are recognized and appreciated.

To nurture and reinforce individuals' spiritual lives, providing educational opportunities to study the Bible (and other religions) as we grow in our relationship with God and others.

To live out our faith in Jesus Christ by reaching out and serving the physical, social and spiritual needs of our community and the world.

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